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City & Guilds Assured Program


The City & Guilds Assured program is intended to support career entry or progression in the field of product quality and is available exclusively through Mitutoyo in the UK.

The Assured program gives the trainee after successful completion of a course a C&G’s Assured certificate and a digital credential that the trainee can access through the C&G’s website. Each assured course, lasting from one to five days are delivered at Mitutoyo UK training centres located at strategic locations throughout the country, with all training delivered by qualified Mitutoyo personnel.

Employer benefits

  • Employees will gain skills that allow them to undertake a wider variety of work.
  • Providing more training for your staff will result in a more effective and efficient workforce.
  • Employees gain increased work satisfaction leading to higher staff retention.
  • Enhancing in-house knowledge will improve your company’s ability to adopt and use advances in technology.
  • Providing employee training enhances your company’s reputation and standing as a progressive and responsible employer.

Employee/trainee benefits

  • Realise your full potential by working to your maximum capability.
  • New skills can lead to more responsibilities within your company and help further your career.
  • You will become much more efficient in your role, leaving more time to develop further skills.
  • Job satisfaction increases in line with knowledge and skill development.

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This 398-page handbook covers the underlying principles,technology and application of a wide range of measuring equipment from basic tools to some of the most sophisticated inspection equipment available today. 

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